Hi! I’m dawn!


For the past 15 years I've been on a personal mission to become the philanthropic Leslie Knope! (I'm a big Parks and Rec fan.) 

But, a small team and budget forced me to figure out an effective method to the marketing madness in order to grow our assets and support our stellar mission. And, I did it! With some pretty ah-mazing results to boot!   

Donations came flooding in, assets grew, and I began to look forward to stewarding our donors once again. 

With an undergrad degree in education and a master's degree in management, I have honed the ability to invent creative solutions and teach others how to implement them. 

Like you, I wear many nonprofit hats.  So, it was not unusual to have so many spinning plates that stewarding donors wasn't intentional or clever--we simply fit it in when we could.  I had no strategic way to tell our story and didn't have a lot of time to be creative about it.  Monday morning would arrive and it was a mad dash to determine what kind of marketing, stewardship, or communication we could pull off that week. It wasn't ideal, but it was the best we could do--at the time.

The mission was excellent, worthy, and powerful--but the execution of our message was haphazard, generic, and boring.  Our fundraising bottom line was proof of that. 

But, then I had a dream.  (Seriously, I woke up and grabbed a pen and paper!) I literally dreamt about an intentional strategy to leverage my years of experience as a classroom teacher with my passion for generosity.  When the marriage of a logical left-brain method was merged with some creative right-brain moxie, the donations doubled in the first year. I thought it was a fluke!  Since then, I've streamlined the system and tracked remarkable increases in donors and donations each year since the Small Nonprofit Stewardship Blueprint was born.

I've taught this strategy hundreds of times throughout the years and I'd love to teach you, too.  That's what this website is all about!

Let me use my years of experience to help you further your non-profit mission by engaging the right donors with the perfect message at the right time.

You work hard.  It's time to do less better with an increased ROI. So, follow me on social media and download my free Time-Finding Engagement Filter to get started. 

Let's put the fun back in fundraising; you know you want to!

All My Best,