Are you a nonprofit professional who would just like to feel whelmed?  You know...not overwhelmed and not underwhelmed--just whelmed!  I see you.  In fact, I am you!

For many years, I was 'winging it' when it came to marketing and stewarding our donors--and our donations were proof of this.  But, then I had a dream that married my desire to leverage a left brain marketing method with my need to unleash my right brain marketing moxie.  That's when my Marketing Master Plan was born.  

That was 8 years ago and I haven't looked back.  This 'do-less-better' strategy is based off of data-driven decisions, but executed in a way that makes donors want to open our mail, read our stories, and take action!

Because of our success, I've used my 'spare time' (whatever that is in the nonprofit world!) to share how we've achieved such amazing results.

I've carved out time to present at national conferences and on Zoom webinars.  I've fielded countless phone calls and answered questions over email. 

But, now, with dawnbrown.com, I can proactively practice some knowledge philanthropy and start sharing some of the best ideas that have worked for me.  

If you're like me and you believe that 'creativity is intelligence having fun', follow me on your fave social media and 'borrow' <insert winky face here> some of my best ideas. The time is now, my friend. Let's do this!


P.S. If you're wondering how you could possibly even implement one more idea without more time in your day, download my
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