A "Must-Have" Tool if You Need to Find Time for Marketing

Need to create some bandwidth to market and steward your ah-mazing donors?  
You can't do everything! (Seriously, I've tried!)
Get excited, your To-Do List is about to get a whole lot more meaningful. 

Are You Ready to Find Some Time?

I'm Ready. Send it to me!

Download the Engagement Filter Now and Get the Details on How To Find Time in Your Jam-Packed, Nonprofit Ninja Schedule, Including:

  • Confidently knowing when a guilt-free 'no' is the right answer.
    (Yes, this is an option!)
  • Discovering that you do have the capacity to strategically market and steward your donors.
    (When do donors give?  When they're asked, of course!) 
  • If  you're baptized in busy and need to make room for your creative right-brain to do that thing that makes donors want to open your mail, you need this tool!
    (Seriously, I did this and it's flipping made me love my job all over again!)

Hi, Friend! I'm Dawn... 

I've been doing nonprofit marketing and stewardship for 15 years--I like to think of myself as the philanthropic Leslie Knope! I love the small nonprofit I work for, but often found it difficult to carve out time to efficiently, effectively, strategically, and creatively engage our donors to take action and give.

I knew if I could only tell our story to the right people, that could change.  But, first, I had to find the time.  That's why I created this Engagement Filter.  This was an essential step to freeing up my time to do that thing I oh, so love to do--telling awesome donors about the difference our nonprofit makes in my community.


Almost there!

Enter your name and best e-mail address to get your free Engagement Filter.  Now you can start saving time and finally get your marketing mojo on--Oh, yeah!