Theme #1: A Recipe for a Thriving Community,
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Tad Libs:  Change a Tad, Change a Ton

Everyone always says, "I wish I had your creativity"...well, now you can!  Attention, Community Foundation marketers and fundraisers, it's time to save yourself a ton of time with Couture Communication Templates designed to customize donor marketing and stewardship while doing less, but better. 
This communication's kit contains a year's worth of customizable donor direct-mail pieces including:  6 customizable direct mail letters (4 ASKS, 1 REPORT, and 1 THANK YOU), 6 customizable cards (recipes) to print the letters on, 6 customizable envelopes, plus 2 add-ins for extra value, and 1 Tad Libs ION Key to customize each letter for several donor categories, helping you communicate with donors though the help of specially designed templates that I crafted for you in Microsoft Word. 
From your keyboard to your donor's mailbox in an oh-so doable way!

I'm interested, tell me more!

Start 2023 off with a Tad Libs Communication Kit. 
It's customizable marketing content with 6 complete direct-mail campaigns to facilitate communication with and donations from your donors all year long! 
Imagine how good that's gonna feel--maybe for the first time ever! 

I've created the theme and 6 amazing marketing campaigns ready for you to customize based on your donor segments. Not only that, I've crafted a Tad Libs ION Key that will help you easily customize each letter to ensure your donors get just the right message. 

Change a Tad, Change a Ton.

Let's do this! I want to work smarter, not harder!
Yes! Save my time--Change a Tad, Change a Ton with Tad Libs!
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